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Windows Vista or the Way to help us Search better Solutions???

Puppy 4.0

I used windows vista from 5 months but it follows the windows problem: slowliness.

As the time went go the slowliness becomes frustratate and even more whem running with only 1 Mb ram.

So the solution was go back on time and : Windows XP

It seems good idea except the problem of SATA disc that prevent the XP installations since the CD of Windows XP don't bring the SATA drivers. So it was impossible install XP on the SATA disc. But ....

Solution: nlite and building a new XP disc with nlite.

So if you want go back to XP and install it on a computer with SATA disc you should download:

1) nlite: http://www.nliteos.com/download.html

2) Search the correct drivers for SATA. The best I found was here:

You have all the intrutions there.

Pick up your CD of yours XP and ....

Assemble all with nlite and you can install XP on your computer.

If you are not satisfied with windows you can migrate for one of the many Linux versions that you can find out. There are many, many Linux versions and you can find out one that you like. I'm playing around with Puppy Linux and it seems good for me.


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