José Carlos Santiago

Healer and Facilitator




The fibromyalgia ( Fibromyalgia Syndrome or FMS) has treatment and can be cured since many years.

It's causes are known and can be handled for ever.

Eliminate this problem and associated symptoms is possible since many years ago.

The complexity of this syndrome has left the investigators confused from many years and this bring us to the lack of responses from the medical science despite the existing solutions outside medical way.

But, it only happen because there are many symptoms and because the real causes are many also and can bring confusion to anyone that try to understand the fibromyalgia syndrome.

Fortunately there are solutions and persons that apply them.

Since there are many causes we need many solutions and someone that knows what to apply in each situation and in each cause.

The solution is the release of the memories in the tissues. The tissue memories is a fact well known from many years but not yet completely understand by medicine.

We need to unmemorize the tissues from the tensions, emotions, energies and so on, bring them to the normal state of function. We need to remove the memories, tensions, emotions, energies and so on from the tissues. It gives work and you don't will find a pill to do this work.

We must release the tissues from the problems they have and bring them the elasticity and elasticity they had lost.

We must work with the fáscia that is one system that only a few knows what it is and put it back to the functional state.

In order to do this the professional must have good sensibility and good experience in order to perform a good work.

In nowadays there are a few therapies and solutions that claim to cure the fibromyalgia (FMS) but unfortunately this only happen in a minor cases.

But there are also some real solutions that handle all the fibromyalgia cases.

I use a solutions set in order to determine and handle all the causes behind this problem in order to achieve good results.

Every person case is different and each time he/she came I need to check again what's going on and work what's needed to work as the body needs and wants.

All this only can be done with good sensibility and lots of experience and this is the main reason I can work so fast and do what I do.

I mainly apply Myofascial Release from John F. Barnes (USA) but I use lots of my knowledge and sensibility and experience in order to work in a different ways in order to get results. The Myofascial Release can do a lot but we must know how to apply it in order to achieve results.

I also apply lots of others techniques in order to achieve faster results and this is what can handle a lot all the fibromyalgia cases.

The Myofascial Release is a therapy that uses a very soft touch in order to detect and release the tissues from the emotions, tensions, micro tensions, patterns, etc. accumulated all over the years.

The fascia or connective tissue is the key behind this therapy. We must handle the fascia and get it to a normal way if we want results.

What this therapy do is change the tissues and is fascia bring back the flexibility and elasticity lost.

In the FMS as well in the many other problems we have always fascia problems that need to be corrected in order to resolve the situation.

If we don't get the fascia back to it's normal and natural way the results never happens. This his the why no other therapy or medicine get results in FM patients.

So if you want results in the FM syndrome you must use Myofascial Release but one (there are many myofascial release technics) that get results like this one from John F. Barnes (USA).


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